Well firstly I have to say(write)that I’m really furious, becouse this is third nota that I write today…and my previous noty was tragically delete.(buu). So I have to repeat what I wrote in that noty.
First of all, I want to tell you that I’m crazy at FF now. No matter that I don’t have PS2 neither PS, but I believe that this game must be exciting and I want to draw down FFVII, becouse I can play it on PC, and at this moment I’m reading Square
Secondly,Patrysiaaa torture me at gg…she is…eee… stupid, silly bitch(hiehie)…
What’s more, I want to tell you about my holiday. You’ve already now that I was in England this summer, but two weeks later I went with my family on a trip in mountains( beskid niski)and we lived in a country- Myscowa,a total zadupie^^….Well I really dunno what my family see in hiking. It’s just walking round the circles, waist of time. Maxime, who was with us is the same opinion like me. Only the one thing, that I REALLY liked in this trip was…..(silenc…..taaadaaaam) HORSES! yeah..horses. there was a nice stable, which was called ‚stajnia betlejemska’ and there was 5 pretty horses: Pirat, Lawina, Meteor, Amulet, Halny. I used to ride on Pirat, and sometimes on Lawina. Pirat is a calm, obedient,nice, lovely and beautifull (piebald brown and white[he looks like cowboys horse, he also has a western saddle])…and Lawina…well…Lawina is stubborn, individualist, and she is like cat, she also walks on her own ways…yeah…you know I prefer Pirat….OK I think it’s the end. Maybe my next nota will be in the most popular foreign language too….or…maybe…in German, aber Ich spreche nicht gut deutsch.

->The End<-

Your Nightelf- Musza